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Novus at NeoCon2023 - 7-5121

Novus at NeoCon 2023

Novus- More Space System

Novus enhances comfort and productivity with custom workstation solutions for any environment. Our monitor arms and lighting are designed to enhance ergonomic comfort, maximize available space, and stand up to the rigors of busy workspaces.

A comfortable viewing position is a productive one. Novus monitor arms and lighting are ergonomically adjustable to easily conform to your comfort profile.

Novus monitor arms and components are modular by design. This makes it easy to customize, install, and rearrange. Integrate monitor arm systems with lighting and accessories, then when needs change, simply add or reposition components for a new workflow.

Commercial offices require products that can stand up to daily wear and tear. Novus products are German engineered for strength using quality materials that are durable yet lightweight.

NeoCon 2023


Chicago, IL

June 12-14, 2023

7th Floor, Booth 7-5121

NeoCon 2023


Vertical Markets

  • Commercial Office

  • Control Room / Call Center

  • Laboratory / Healthcare

  • Point of Sale

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Tim Jancar, National Sales Manager

Novus / Dahle North America, Inc.

800-995-1379 Ext. 3040

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Featured Products

Novus CLU Monitor Arms

Novus CLU Plus

Novus CLU Plus monitor arms enhance ergonomic comfort by elevating and adjusting large screens to an ideal viewing position. 

Novus TSS Monitor Arms

Novus TSS

Novus TSS enhances ergonomic comfort by elevating and adjusting multiple monitors for perfectly aligned viewing.

Novus Attenzia Lighting

Novus Attenzia Lighting

Novus Attenzia Task LED Lighting is designed to provide the best quality of light to reduce eye strain and improve comfort.

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Novus- More Space System

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